Trio tour, November 2017

Delighted to announce a five-date mini tour with David Gordon Trio from 11-16 November. We’re delighted to welcome Italian bass-playing legend Rosario Bonaccorso to join us. Details on the David Gordon Trio website.

L’Avventura London + Concerto Köln

September 24 sees the premiere of a new collaboration between Zak Ozmo’s London-based group with the great Concerto Köln, in the Philharmonie, Köln. More details to follow

Tango Alakulo, Savoy Theatre, Helsinki – and beyond

A mild Helsinki January saw the premiere of Tango Alakulo, a celebration of Finland’s centenary of independence with an alternative spin, through the medium of that Finnish obsession: tango. A remarkable and sold-out show saw actor/writer Timo Torikka star as the lift-boy who introduced characters in Finland’s history to speak and sing for themselves, while we the band played on. …

Concerto Stella Matutina, Austria, 3 March 2017

Unbelievably excited about directing this wonderful baroque orchestra in a programme of Rameau and Handel (playing an organ concerto with improvised fugue) together with the third performance of my recorder concerto ‘Romanesque’. Then asking the orchestra to improvise both on La Follia, and also in various ways – faburden, cantus firmus improvisation, improvised suite, with jazz changes – on a …