New albums!

Just released on Signum Records: ‘Earthcycle’ with David Le Page and Orchestra of the Swan, including the four mini violin concertos I’ve written as counterparts to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.  Link here.

And to be released on 12 February: London Tango Quintet‘s debut album ‘Dancing with Piazzolla’. Taster video here. BBC Radio 3 In Tune session on Friday 9 February, 5pm. London album launch gig on Saturday 10 February here.

Tenor Madness at EFG London Jazz Festival, 17 November 2023

Last week was a wonderful cluster of rehearsals, radio broadcast and appearance at the London Jazz Festival, celebrating William Byrd’s music in his centenary year, with the historically informed jazz group Tenor Madness, featuring Jenny Bliss Bennett.  To hear the BBC Radio 3 In Tune recording, go to: and we’re on 1 hour and 8 minutes in. Available till 15 December. Next stop Cambridge Jazz Festival, with the choir of St Catharine’s college, on this Friday, 24 November. 

2 December 2022: release of the new trio album amidst a snowstorm of new commissioned works

Yup. The official digital release of the trio’s latest album, Pachyderm, is tomorrow, 2 December, with the CD out on 9 December, on Mister Sam Records.

Pre-order etc. here


JazzPsalms for Peace, a setting of psalms for singer Jacqui Dankworth, seven-piece band and choir, was wildly successfully premiered at Mosaic Synagogue in Stanmore, for whose first concert it was, on 20 November. The amazing team consisted of the trio’s rhythm section, Oli Hayhurst and Tom Hooper, was supplemented by my two Butterfly’s Wing compatriots, Chris Garrick and Rupert Gillett on violin and cello, spearheaded by reed-playing star Tim Garland. The Take Twenty choir, directed by Ben Cox, ensured we had the big sound.
Composing and arranging for Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra for a 10th anniversary celebration concert of the main concert hall in Helsinki on 28 January. This is with the category-defying Anglo-Finnish quartet Tango Alakulo, basso profundo star Matti Salminen and the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra.  The programme features sung Finnish tangos, instrumentals by Jaco Pastorius, Avicii and myself – and I have the task of writing all the arrangements with assistance from rising star Seamus Heath.
A cycle of four violin concertos as part of Earthcycle for violinist David Le Page and the Orchestra of the Swan, for a UK tour in February and March and subsequent recording.

JazzPsalms for Peace – premiere!

Finally, after a long gestation, the JazzPsalms for Peace project, featuring singer Jacqui Dankworth, will get its premiere on Sunday 20 November 2022. More details soon.

‘Romanesque’, again

Yet another performance of my recorder concerto, ‘Romanesque’, or at least the last four movements of it, happening at 2pm on Thursday 8 November at the Early Music Festival in Blackheath, played by the wonderful Daniel Swani.  Details here


23 JULY, Beethoven piano concerto in Guernsey

With the magnificent David Le Page and the Town Church strings, I’ll be taking part in a 200th anniversary celebration of Admiral Saumarez with music by Beethoven and contemporaries.  Playing Beethoven’s Piano Concerto no. 1 in C will be a new experience. And I hope the cadenzas will be a new experience for us all.

26 JUNE, Risør Festival, Norway

Very excited to be back at the wonderful Risør Festival.  Frode Larsen, the brains behind it all, has got me doing all sorts of things as usual: organising a concert with Christian Tetzlaff, among others, which includes playing the Bach violin sonata in G, BWV 1019; playing Ligeti’s fiendish harpsichord solo Hungarian Rock, improvising on Grieg folksongs, jamming with a Sami jazz group, recreating an old Norwegian radio programme … and all being well collaborating with jazz pianist Michael Wollny on some Goldberg Variations variations. 26 June – 1 July if you’re in the area.

Trio tour, November 2017

Delighted to announce a five-date mini tour with David Gordon Trio from 11-16 November. We’re delighted to welcome Italian bass-playing legend Rosario Bonaccorso to join us. Details on the David Gordon Trio website.

L’Avventura London + Concerto Köln

September 24 sees the premiere of a new collaboration between Zak Ozmo’s London-based group with the great Concerto Köln, in the Philharmonie, Köln. More details to follow

Tango Alakulo, Savoy Theatre, Helsinki – and beyond

A mild Helsinki January saw the premiere of Tango Alakulo, a celebration of Finland’s centenary of independence with an alternative spin, through the medium of that Finnish obsession: tango. A remarkable and sold-out show saw actor/writer Timo Torikka star as the lift-boy who introduced characters in Finland’s history to speak and sing for themselves, while we the band played on. Joiking from Wimme Saari, singing from Yona, a pair of black cats dancing, all under the artistic direction of designer Klaus Haapaniemi. More dates to follow – we hope, possibly including a big EU one in Berlin in June.

Concerto Stella Matutina, Austria, 3 March 2017

Unbelievably excited about directing this wonderful baroque orchestra in a programme of Rameau and Handel (playing an organ concerto with improvised fugue) together with the third performance of my recorder concerto ‘Romanesque’. Then asking the orchestra to improvise both on La Follia, and also in various ways – faburden, cantus firmus improvisation, improvised suite, with jazz changes – on a theme given by the audience: . A remarkable trio of improvising brass players within the group will enable this to go smoothly. Project of a lifetime.

Solo recital: piano/harpsichord

Good news: a rare opportunity to give a solo recital on both my instruments – at the Dean & Chadlington Festival, Oxfordshire, on Sunday 26 June.  The less good news: it’s an 8am start.  Better news: fresh croissants served and included in the ticket price.