23 JULY, Beethoven piano concerto in Guernsey

With the magnificent David Le Page and the Town Church strings, I’ll be taking part in a 200th anniversary celebration of Admiral Saumarez with music by Beethoven and contemporaries.  Playing Beethoven’s Piano Concerto no. 1 in C will be a new experience. And I hope the cadenzas will be a new experience for us all.

26 JUNE, Risør Festival, Norway

Very excited to be back at the wonderful Risør Festival.  Frode Larsen, the brains behind it all, has got me doing all sorts of things as usual: organising a concert with Christian Tetzlaff, among others, which includes playing the Bach violin sonata in G, BWV 1019; playing Ligeti’s fiendish harpsichord solo Hungarian Rock, improvising on Grieg folksongs, jamming with a Sami …