David Gordon Trio


Our next London gig is 18 June at Dean Street PizzaExpress jazz club with our new project entitled 'In C'.  See here for tickets and more details, and there's a taster work-in-progress video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jaFG8G7hm8.

The Pachyderm album is now available on vinyl here. CD is available at various outlets but if you prefer the artists to benefit this is the best option.

David Gordon Trio playing drums bass and piano looking happy


David Gordon TrioThe David Gordon Trio is one of the most innovative jazz trios working today. Filling a vast landscape their music is as likely to plug into bebop, Argentinian zamba, Bach paraphrase or a nursery rhyme as it is to inhabit something more typical of contemporary jazz.

Theirs is music existing across boundaries and across time and includes original tunes that have become standards in their own right. David’s Angel Feet is featured in Sher Music’s The European Fake Book.

With its unabashed love of melody, underpinned by grooves deep and light, the trio’s music always speaks to the listener and never fails to delight.


‘David Gordon is a musician of dazzling range. Here he presents a playful, ingenious, irreverent and deeply respectful reimagining of the eccentric Russian composer’s oeuvre in which Scriabin’s music is filtered through Irving Berlin, foo-de-oh-do vocals, impressionistic jazz, ambient electro, samba, and whatever else occurs to the extravagantly resourceful pianist.’
'tremendous musical skill at the service of powerful emotions'
London Jazz News
'On very rare occasions when listening to the first few bars of the opening track of an album you know that what you are about to hear will be immense. This was such an occasion.... [a] truly outstanding album'
‘this is one of the finest trio records I have heard in a very long time... scintillatingly well played, the sound utterly fantastic...run and buy!’
stereopluss.no Norway
‘There are beautiful solo-parts from Hayhurst on bass, delicate drumming from Cavaciuti, and both solo parts and harmonizing are top notch from the maestro himself… this is just a really great record.’
stereopluss.no Norway
‘David Gordon doesn’t play many notes, but the notes that he does play are almost the selection of a genius’.
David Freeman, JazzFM
‘exceptional trio’
‘A consistently stimulating programme from a go-ahead and imaginative trio; they take care of the heritage of the music as well as summoning up something new minted’